A new Roku player is a pride possession, the sooner it is installed the more excited the owner gets in wanting to start using it. To know more about the Roku, let’s start off by seeing what the package brings you. The items inside the pack contains:

  • The Roku Player
  • The remote
  • Two cables: One is the power cable and the other is the connection cable.

You are also given a password when you install your Wi-Fi and that should be kept handy when starting your new Roku Setup.

Next begins the process for the installation. First of all identify the jacks of the cables and match them with the ports on the player. The sockets should help you to match them up.

Fit in the appropriate cable to its port on the player and the television.

Using the Roku remote you may start with pressing the power button on the remote.

Your Roku player should start playing which also shows that the process of Roku Setup is complete and now you can look forward to an enjoyable experience in the world of entertainment.

Just in case you have a problem, which you shouldn’t, we at Roku Com Links are here to help.



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