Belkin Router Setup and Support | Forgot Router Password

Belkin router is considered as one of the best routers for its qualities like it provides you the experience of the high-speed internet that you can use for streaming of your HD videos, for browsing the internet and also for the better gaming experience.


It is very easy to set up. If you don’t have the setup cd still, you can do the manual Belkin Router Setup. So there are some steps that you can follow for the Belkin Router Setup:-

Step 1. Unplug the internet modem and also the Belkin router from the power source.
Step 2. Now connect the one side of the Ethernet cable to the modem port of the internet modem.
Step 3. Plug in the Belkin router to the power socket and turn it on.
Step 4. Now same Ethernet Cable which is already connected to the internet modem please grab the other end of the Ethernet cable and connect it in the Ethernet Port of the Belkin Router to initialize the Belkin Router Setup.
Step 5. Take another Ethernet cable and connect it on the back of the Belkin Router in the LAN port (in any of the 4 LANs Port) and another end of the same cable on the Computer.
Step 6. Turn on your computer and then open a browser and put the default IP address of the Belkin Router in the address bar.
Step 7. Once you will be at the homepage of Belkin then it asks you to login in the Belkin interface, so use the default Belkin credentials like username which is admin and password needs to be left blank.
Step 8. In the Belkin, Interface page goes to under Wi-Fi Setting Menu and choose your desired network Name and Password. Please, make sure you put a safe and secure password. Write down the password on a paper for the future use. But in case if you forgot password please contact Belkin Router Support Toll-Free Number.

By following these simple steps you will able to use wired and wireless connections for your devices. Now you will be able to see that you are connected with internet open any browser and try to search something then you will be getting to know that you are connected with the internet.

Forgot Password On Belkin Router:

In order to use your Belkin router setup through the website, you need a username and password which is set by default admin and leave blank. If by mistakenly you forgot your password or you had created another password and you can’t remember that then try to reset your router. You can also try to get technical support to recover the password. And if you do the hard reset from your router then all the setting that you have done earlier for your router will be changed and you need to setup the router again in this case. For that purpose follow the steps given above.

Forgot Password for Wireless Connection:

The password is the main credential to connect any device with the Wi-Fi but if you forgot password then you don’t need to worry. It is as simple as setting up the Belkin Router. If you want to update the new password for wireless connection then there are few steps which you can follow:

Step 1. Connect the router to the computer with the help of Ethernet cable.
Step 2. Open the browser and go to the default IP address of Belkin router and hit enter.
Step 3. Then you will be on the home page of the Belkin Router Setup, there you need to enter the default username and password for the Belkin Router.
Step 4. Now look for the wireless setting tab and create the new password for the Wi-Fi connection, even you can change the wireless name for the network.

Why We Need Belkin Router Support Assistance?

There are many reasons why we need technical assistance? Above steps will help you to reset your password if you have mistakenly forgot it or you can setup your router from the above steps. If still after doing everything you found some difficulty then you can call us on our support Toll-Free number, we are available for you 24/7. But if you are not comfortable with calling you can live chat with us for support. The available executive will connect you shortly and help you to resolve your queries.