Difference between the Roku 2 and Roku 3

Difference between the Roku 2 and Roku 3

The enterprise now offers the Roku streaming stick, Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3. It has updated its Roku 2 and Roku 3 devices, making the brand new Roku 2 same to the brand new Roku 3 in terms of overall performance. Support for Roku will resolve all the issues that come into your mind regarding all the Roku issues.

The new Roku 2 introducing with a remote that’s special from what the old Roku 2 provided and separates it from the brand new Roku 3, as it lacks voice search and a motion sensor to aid positive video games like Angry Birds.

The new Roku 2’s remote is certainly what makes the update set-top Player inexpensive than the new Roku 3 as nicely. Maintain reading to study these kinds of differences and extra, after which maybe you may recognize that is for you.


Both the brand new Roku 2 and Roku 3 weigh 5 each and have the subsequent dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch. The black set-top packing containers look nearly equal, but their new remotes have diffused differences (more on that later).


Both the new Roku 2 and the new Roku 3 are well-matched with an HDMI television. Additionally, they feature 1080p HD assist, built-in-band wireless, various ports for Ethernet, USB, and microSD, and a new “lightning rapid” processor.

it’s built-in what type of chip is built-in both device, however, Roku said the brand new Roku 2 has been upgraded to compatible the speed and the overall performance of the brand new Roku 3. If any kind of issues, you are struggling with, get the feasible solutions.


The Roku 2 features a general remote with channel shortcut buttons, even as the Roku 3 comes with a “superior remote with voice search, headphone jack, and movement-control for gaming”. The new Roku 3’s standout feature is it’s remote with a devoted voice search button.

With this button, you may speak the call of a film, show, actor, or director, then consequences should seem quickly, and you could click on via Roku’s software to choose a movie or TV shows from any of your channels. Simply remember the fact that initiating a voice search mid-movie will briefly take you out of the app you’re in to look outcomes.

it’s worth noting you can additionally provoke voice to seek with the Roku smartphone app, which has also been currently updated, meaning you do not need the new Roku 3 and its fancy “improved” remote in order to find content along with your voice.

And finally, the Roku three faraway has a headphone jack for private listening in addition to four shortcut buttons. The Roku 2 far off doesn’t have a headphone, but it does have 4 shortcuts buttons to Netflix, Amazon Instantaneous Video, Radio and Sling TV, neither of which are configurable.


Each the new Roku 2 and new Roku 3 offer watch to greater than 2,000 streaming channels and 250,000 movies and shows. The primary steps required to start watching content contain connecting your Roku to the internet in addition to your TV, then signing up for a Roku account, and installing your selected content channels.

The most famous channels Present through Roku consist of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon immediate video, HBO move, Sling, Crackle, TWC television, Cinema Now, entertainment tonight, FX Now, Lifetime, history, etc.


Roku announced a new software function, known as Roku Feed, for you to mainly warn you while new films have released for offerings like Amazon on the spot Video or Netflix. You may upload any movie to your feed, such as furious 7, and Roku will let you understand the instant it is available to stream from a content channel in its catalog.

Both the new Roku 2 and the new Roku 3 feature Roku Feed, certainly, in addition to other software tricks like the ability to reflect your phone or tablet display screen onto a TV via your Roku device, among many other matters. If Software functions are not working well, Roku help support will always there to assist you.


The new Roku 2 costs $69.99 (converts to £47). The brand new Roku 3 expenses $99.99. They are available starting today and international retailers.

Which to buy?

The new Roku 2 allegedly compatible the rate and performance of the new Roku 3; it simply doesn’t have an improved remote, but you may use the Roku phone app to get access to similar voice search functionality. If the charge is a concern, we would suggest going with the inexpensive Roku 2.

If you’re more into ease of use, or even in gaming, we would propose the new Roku 3. It has remote with a devoted voice search button and motion control for gaming, all of which is probably really worth the extra $30.

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