At the outset let’s be assured that the Roku player is manufactured to perfection and very rarely does it even need the help of our expert technicians who are waiting to resolve any Roku issues that the customer might have. However, having said that, we also understand the need to keep space for any technical glitches that might take place due to the faults or flaws in the installation process, in the internet connections or in extremely rare cases the Roku player. Though our website has an abundance of tutorials and guides to take you through the installation process or the setting up process, we still would like to take you through step by step.

Some of the Roku issues that are most likely to arise include:

No playback from videos or video stuck for a long time

Buffering frequently and for long periods of time

Repeatedly going back to the Home page on the screen.

In all of these cases it is the router that is the problem so the issue is usually identified and informed to the user. The support staff guides you in methods to overcome the problem and ensure that the router is working well on the Roku player.



Roku Tech Support

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