How to Setup Roku and Wireless connection

A new Roku user-friendly streaming device is becoming a pride possession in people who love to watch latest movies, videos and music anytime without any hassle. People want to do Roku Setup on TV very soon so they can start using it and get unlimited fun.

To know more about the How to Setup Roku, let’s start to see what the Roku player package brings you. The items inside the pack contain:

  • Roku Player
  • Remote
  • Two cables: power cable and connection cable

You should be kept handy your Wi-Fi Password when you are going to start your Wireless Setup for Roku. Now it begins the process of the Roku setup installation. Firstly, you should identify the cables jacks and match them with the relevant ports to connect. Fit those into the appropriate relevant cable to its port on the Roku device and the TV. Using the Roku remote you can start Roku device.

Your Roku player should start playing after you connect the ports and that means the Roku Setup process is now perfectly complete and you can start having a fun experience in the world of Roku entertainment.

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