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Our Roku set-top boxes are designed for simplicity and are easy to set up and use even for clients who are not tech-savvy. However, there can always be glitches, problems, and logjams that hamper you from enjoying your new Roku device at the soonest! Fortunately for you, our Roku support page staff is here around the clock to help you set up your device for TV.

Let’s guide you through a very quick step-by-step process for setting up your Roku.

First thing’s first, you have to connect the cables. Roku devices typically come with only a pair of cables: a power cable, and an adapter cable that connects your Roku to your TV set. The cables are pretty easy to figure out from the jacks, so you should ideally have no trouble getting until this point.

Once you’re done connecting the cables, it’s time to turn on the power on your Roku and start it up for the first time. The key to getting your Roku to start giving picture is in your TV remote. Fiddle around with the buttons until you get to the setting that allows you to select your input signal, and navigate over to the source where your Roku is installed.

Voila, your Roku should now be saying its first words.

All that is left to be done is to tweak the language and connectivity settings, and you are good to go. Needless to say, should any nasty error codes pop up while you’re at this, you can always check roku support page or give us a call!

A hassle free streaming device, which offers the user the facility to watch online programs on TV without needing to connect to the internet is the Roku streaming device. The Roku support app provided by Roku, is one of the most convenient and user-friendly devices on which people can watch their favorite shows like movies and music videos, TV shows, sports and news programs. In fact, the device offers the user to choose as per their interests. Some of the reputed entertainment programs offered by various brands are available. Some of the well-known TV channels that the user is able to stream and watch on the TV include Hulu TV, Netflix, Amazon video, Sporting league matches of the NBA and the NFL, and many others. These shows can be watched without the need for an internet connection, as the device is equipped with internet channels. Social media content can also be uploaded and viewed very easily on TV with the help of the Roku Device.

How does the Roku Device Work?

The Roku streaming device works digitally. It carries the digital signals from the Broadband Internet connection via the Wi-Fi internet connection or the Ethernet Cable, and to the Television. All issues with Wi-Fi connection is attended to by the Roku WiFi support service professionals.The Roku Device is made under stringent conditions using very superior quality materials as well as the latest and advanced technology. That is why it is very rare to experience problems with the device. However, since with technology it is possible that some technical snags might occur, the user can expect such glitches in very rare situations. We at Rokucomlinks are prepared for such contingencies and our Roku support service professionals are always at the service of the user as soon as the complaint is lodged. The Roku Device faces technical issues that are quite minor and insignificant that the users can resolve the issues by themselves. However, our highly skilled support staff is always ready to receive the call for help from the users on their Roku service support number. The extremely diligent and earnest Roku Express plus support professionals attend to the call instantly without any delay, as they understand the need for uninterrupted entertainment experience.


Setting up the Roku Player

Setting up the Roku player is very simple and hassle free and the users can get the player set up on their own, by following this step by step procedure:

  • Connect the power cable for the provision of power
  • Connect the adapter cable to the TV for viewing on it.
  • The user manual can help the users to identify the two cables and know them one from the other.
  • If the users are aware of the Jacks, then they can match the same with the cables to their respective ports.
  • Using the remote of the Roku device, turn the Roku player on.
  • Finally, adjust the language settings and the connectivity settings to make it compatible to your locations and time zone.
  • The Roku Device is now installed and can be used.
  • The media player does not connect to the wireless network.
  • No channels are displayed on the Roku device.
  • The set-top box is non functional
  • Problems with the Roku streaming stick, for which specialized professionals offer their expertise in overcoming the problem.
  • Problems in the set-up of the Roku player for streaming.

In case of any trouble in installation, the user can call the customer support number and avail the help offered by them. All problems that the users face with the Roku media player is resolved at the earliest by the professionals who can be contacted on the roku media player support number.

Besides the problems in installation, the users can face some technical issues like activating a connection to the wireless network. Some of the problems in this procedure include:

  • The media player does not connect to the wireless network.
  • No channels are displayed on the Roku device
  • The set-top box is non functional
  • Problems in the set-up of the Roku player for streaming
  • An error code is displayed
  • Problems with the Roku streaming stick, for which specialized professionals offer their expertise in overcoming the problem.

For solutions to all these problems all the users need to do is call the Roku support number and avail the technical help offered by the professionals.

The common technical glitches in the Roku Device

There is an array of models of the Roku device which is equipped with different versions. So it is possible that a number of technical errors can crop up.

Some of these errors include, playback issues, activation code problems and setting up errors.

For all of these problems with activation code problems, the user can call up the Roku error code support number and avail help. We at Rokucomlinks are available irrespective of time zone, so making us accessible 24/7 365 days a year. Our presence in most of the big countries that include USA, Canada, UK and Australia apart from other well- countries make us available round the c lock.

How do we help?

We have a great team of highly competent and proficient technicians and engineers who offer help to resolve all issues relating to the Roku device and the Roku streaming stick for which they can call the Roku streaming stick support number. Some of the problems include:

  • Roku support for solutions to problems with playback.
  • Troubleshooting of a playback issues caused by incompatibility to channels, we offer our knowlhow and experitise to resove the issue.
  • Updating and upgrading of Roku software in the Roku player
  • Anotehr playback issue is the absence of audio on the Roku UIltra Player, which is resoved very soon by the technicaL team.
  • Issues related to poor video playback are also resovled by our highly competent technicaL support team.
  • All issues connectied to the Romei device remote is readily resovlled.
  • Solutions offered to resovle the issue of unauthorized HDCP purple screen, which shows that the content is disabled.
  • If an external USB drive is not recognized by the Roku player, our support staff resolves the issue.

How do we help?

There are mnay ways to contact us and one of the quickest is by calling us on the Roku support Toll-Free number.

Alternatively, the Roku chat support facility avaialble on the website makes it easier to ask queries and have it answered immediately as our very efficinet consultant is available 24/7

The users can also send us their concerns detailed in an email hweihc will be responded promptly.

Toll Free: +1-844-298-5666